Angelina Gurrola

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Angelina (Moshun) is a Chicago native whose lifelong love of music led her to play keyboard, learn to beatbox, and compose instrumental music from a young age.


During some exploration in her college years she channeled her internal rhythms and diverse music taste to take up electronic music production and beatmaking.


She has since built an international social media following for which she creates content and connects with music makers and music lovers from all walks of life.


Her energetic live performance has taken her to the beat scene in LA this past summer, where she hopes to advance her career post-college.


Her work blends chillhop, funk, neo-soul, and spacey electronic styles to create unique emotional soundscapes that resonate deeply with listeners.


Give a listen to her recent debut album, Emotions, which is streamable on every platform.


Stay Tuned for __moshun 's Elastic Mediu

Trilla G ENT


TRILLA G ENT seeks to facilitate and nurture diverse creative expression that will be a positive global impact and inspire future generations of artists. Trilla G ENT is a Record Label and Production Company that specializes in audio and visual production, graphic design, performative arts, and consulting. Trilla G ENT was born on June 1, 2018.

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