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Meet TRILLA G ENT member Edward Pritchard. He’s a professional actor, musician and filmmaker from Northamptonshire, England. He is currently pursuing his MFA at the renowned Actors Studio in NYC.


Since graduating from Davidson College in 2018, he has worked on over a dozen films all over the US, from the east coast to the west.


Career highlights include: 

  • Lead role in award winning comedy short, “Game of Chairs”. Full film here

  • Protagonist in the feature film “Escape 2120” based on the novel “The Magician’s Horses” by Brian Bennett. IMDb here.

  • Review of his performance as Ken Gorman in the Neil Simon farce, “Rumors”: “Pritchard is hilarious in his portrayal of Ken Gorman. After temporarily losing his hearing due to a misfired gunshot toward the beginning of the play, the character’s humor develops around his physicality as well as his hilarious misunderstandings. Moments of Ken-based hilarity include crawling around on the floor following mysterious yet “cat sounds.” Pritchard brings his own unique energy to the role—a naïveté accented by a heroic passion that, given the absurdity of the play, becomes delightful and fascinating to watch”

  • Cast in an Off-Broadway Musical

  • In May 2018 he co-wrote, directed and produced the original musical, “Fields of Elysium”.


On stage, he has specialised in comedic leads ranging from Ken Gorman in the Neil Simon farce, “Rumors”, Demetrius in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and the personable recluse, John Brown in Tom Stoppard’s “A Separate Peace”. He is also a trained comedic improviser with three years of performance experience. 


As well as acting, Edward has been classically trained as a tenor under the tutelage of renowned soprano Ilana Lubitsch and has over ten years experience playing classical guitar. He also played lead guitar professionally in the rock band, “Susie and the Gents”. 


Here you can find his portfolio, IMDb, reel and resume


Films Coming soon: 

  • Fighting For Your Afterlife: The Adventures Of Water Bottle John. Director, Writer, Actor 

  • Escape 2120 Actor 

  • Where Your Life Begins Actor 

  • Watch Out Actor 

  • Freewriting Actor

  • You’re Invited (festivals) Actor

  • Snowglobes In The Summer Actor

  • The Eternal Suffering Of Dave Director, Writer, Actor

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