Kotaro Horiuchi

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Meet Trilla G ENT member Kotaro Horiuchi. Kotaro is Japanese and has lived all over the world from New Hampshire to Boston to Australia, France and Singapore. Kotaro is a Senior at Davidson College, English and Theatre major with a focus on film for his English major.


Kotaro is a very talented actor and artist. He was the lead in the Macbeth play as Macbeth, and he starred in Coriolanus and Winter's Tale as well. He also starred in the Rumors play on Davidson's campus and TG3's "I Love Union" music video, available on YouTube. Kotaro is currently working with fellow Trilla G member Edward Pritchard on a series of animated short films. He is also working on a play and a musical.


Kotaro is happy to be apart of Trilla G and can't wait to collaborate with our artists and participate in more of our projects!!

Trilla G ENT


TRILLA G ENT seeks to facilitate and nurture diverse creative expression that will be a positive global impact and inspire future generations of artists. Trilla G ENT is a Record Label and Production Company that specializes in audio and visual production, graphic design, performative arts, and consulting. Trilla G ENT was born on June 1, 2018.

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