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Kritique III - 91 Days Ep3 ("Where the Footfalls Lead") Review

"Bring me the corpse or you'll become one!" The concept for this episode was simple and straightforward and I'm not mad at all. I'm not mad because within the simplicity of this concept were a series of complex relationships. Namely between Avilio and Nero, Don Orco and Fango and

Ronaldo and Don Vanetti. All parties were forced to make life or death decisions in the face of Vanno and Serpente's murders.

The last episode ended with Nero pointing a gun at Avilio's back. Avilio brought Nero and Barbero to the graveyard where Vanno shot Serpente and Avilio shot Vanno. In order for Avilio's cover to hold up, he needed Serpente's body but someone moved it. Avilio bought himself time to find it but Nero promised him that if he didn't bring the body to him, he'd kill him.

Avilio questioned Corteo first because he was the only one who knew about his revenge plan and because he'd consistently been against his plan. Corteo denied any involvement and claimed he was sleeping the whole time waiting for him.

Avilio remained suspicious until Corteo brought him to the bar where Cerotto, the Orco Family errand boy, worked. Corteo interrogated Cerotto because he was the only other person present when Serpente was taken. Cerotto folded under the pressure and confessed to his crime once Avilio put a gun to his head.

Cerotto followed Vanno from Fango's hotel to the graveyard and heard the fired shots but didn't see Avilio kill Vanno. He got greedy and sold Serpente's body to the corrupt police commander Scusa. Avilio demanded Cerotto take him to the body or he'd kill him. Nero, Barbero and Tigre followed Avilio and Corteo during their search for the body to make sure Avilio wasn't working for the Orcos and to make sure he didn't run.

While the Vanetti's searched for the body, there was a brief but important scene involving the Orco Family. Don Orco was introduced. Don Orco is an ugly, ruthless and gluttonous pig who rules his family with an iron fist. To paint a picture for you, he killed his chef for putting too little

butter on his lasagna. His lieutenants feared him and were all nervous in his presence. Fango was the only exception.

He showed up and informed the don that someone took a shot at him. He correctly assumed that it was the Vanetti's and

demanded they go to war. Orco was worried about the Galassias retaliating and denied his request. He wouldn't go to war without proof that the Vanetti's struck first. Fango was unbothered by Orco's demand and declared he'd do things his own way.

This scene was important because we learned what type of man Don Orco was and we saw the visible tension between him and Fango. Fango has his eyes on Don Orco's throne.

Scusa approached the Vanetti Family and informed them that both Vanno and Serpente were dead. He subtly blackmailed the Vanetti's by holding Serpente's body hostage. He would only give it to them for a price. He knew that the Vanettis couldn't afford a war with the

Galassias present. Ronaldo and Frate wanted to pay the price but Don Vanetti would only pay once he saw a body.

Cerotto took Avilio to an abandoned building where Scusa was keeping the body. Nero followed them there and Avilio showed him Serpente's corpse and cleared his name. Unfortunately, Fango was tailing Nero and he crashed the party with Tigre as his hostage.

Nero and Avilio played a ruse on Fango by having Avilio dress up in Serpente's clothes. Fango caught wind of the ruse at the last second and a gunfight erupted. Nero, Avilio, Tigre and Cerotto barely escaped but were unharmed.

The bad news was they couldn't hide Serpente's body from Fango in time. Now Fango had the proof Don Orco required to go to war with the Vanetti Family.

While this fight was taking place, Ronaldo made a shocking demand to Don Vanetti. He wanted Vincent to kill Nero immediately. Ronaldo was convinced that Nero was involved in Serpente's death. He threatened any inaction on the Vanettis part with direct Galassia involvement. Don Vanetti asked Ronaldo to let him take care of Nero. Ronaldo agreed but warned him that if this wasn't taken care of he would pay the price. Frate suggested that the only way to save Nero's life was to pretend to go after him and allow him to leave the city and go on the run. Vincent agreed.

Frate informed Nero of their plan and he reluctantly agreed. Barbero didn't want Nero to go alone but was unable to go with him because he was vital to the moonshine business's functionality. Avilio took hold of this opportunity and volunteered to accompany Nero. He

claimed it was so he could avoid Fango but he really wanted to be alone with Nero so he could kill him. Nero allowed Avilio to tag along. I believe that Nero wasn't sure what to make of Avilio yet and wanted the chance to get to know him and fully rid himself of his suspicion.

At Vanno's funeral Avilio witnessed something that could have serious implications in the future. He watched Nero breakdown in tears over his best friend's death; the death he was responsible for. Seeing Nero display such emotion could affect Avilio's resolve to

murder him in the future. Avilio, up to this point, only viewed the Vanetti family as nothing but monsters who stole the lives of the people he loved but Nero had a genuine human moment so I'm curious to see how this affects him while the two of them are on the road. At the very end of the episode, someone placed a call to a giant hitman. He informed him that Avilio and Nero were on the run and that he was to find and finish them. It's not clear who made that call but my money is on the Galassias.

A straightforward episode compared to the last two but just as detailed and entertaining. Avilio cleared himself of suspicion for Vanno's murder, Don Orco and Scusa revealed themselves and their natures, Fango found cause to go to war with the Vanettis and Nero was forced to go on the run because of the Galassias. I'm curious to see if the Orcos will indeed go to war with the Vanettis and how the Galassias will respond. Also interested in seeing if Avilio will take a shot at Nero while they're together and how they'll deal with the hitman coming for them both. Things are heating up in and outside of Lawless. I enjoyed this one. This episode is King Kritiques approved!

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