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Kritique IV - 91 Days Ep4 ("Losing to Win, and What Comes After") Review

Are you a mobster? Does a rival family want to murder you? Do you like the countryside? If you answered yes, to any of these questions then it's time to take a road trip! In this episode, Nero and Avilio were on the run from the Orco family after the body of, their loyal enforcer, Serpente

was found. On this trip, Nero and Avilio learned more about each other and their respective childhoods. They also were forced to depend on each other for survival due to their lack of funds and the giant hitman the Orco family sent after them. Despite the seriousness of everything I just mentioned, this was a funny and lighthearted episode that highlighted the undeniable chemistry and budding friendship between Nero and Avilio.

Vanno's death was still fresh on Nero's mind. There was a brief flashback of Nero and Vanno drinking at a bar discussing Fio's decision to marry Ronaldo. This interaction confirmed Vanno's feelings for Fio and further highlighted the rift between Nero and Frate. This trip also forced Avilio to relive his childhood tragedy but because of this, new information about that fateful night was revealed.

Nero and Avilio were a good team. They could have their own buddy cop show/movie like Lethal Weapon or Showtime honestly. Nero being the care-free, happy-go-lucky character was complimented by Avilio's straight-laced and serious personality. Being together 24/7 for so long forced the two of them to get to know each other better. They had a heart to heart moment over a camp fire when they made a pit stop at an auto-camp.

At the camp, Avilio and Nero saw children with their families there that triggered memories of their childhood and their siblings. Nero juggled for the children and was reminded of the time he snuck out with Vanno to see the circus. Avilio showed off his pick-pocketing skills, using Nero as the mark, to the kids and was reminded of why he was forced to master that skill to survive. This talk around the

fire was important because it got Nero to open up about his first job for the family.

Nero was fourteen when he went with Vincent and Vanno to pressure Avilio's father, Testa Lagusa, for the family ledger. He revealed that he froze that night and couldn't shoot anyone. He also revealed that there was a fourth man there that night. This new piece of information contradicted the letter Avilio received that only mentioned three men. Most likely, the mystery fourth man was the one who sent Avilio the letter. Hearing Nero's version of what happened that night, I'm

wondering how this information will affect Avilio's resolve. Last episode he saw Nero's humanity and emotion at Vanno's funeral and now he has learned that Nero was a child when he came to his house that night and he didn't shoot anyone. He purposely missed Avilio while he was running away. I believe that this will change Avilio's perception of Nero and could possibly cause him to hesitate when

the time comes for him to take Nero out.

There's not too much to say about the hitman. He was just comic relief in my opinion. He had a lot of cartoonish moments and interactions which were funny and refreshing since the last three episodes were mainly violence, tragedy and death. He was also there to force

Nero and Avilio to rely on each other. Going through a life or death experience with someone is guaranteed to bring you closer together. After an intense fight in a vacant farmhouse, Nero and Avilio were able to bring down the giant with the help of a passing man with a big rifle.

This episode allowed us to get to know more about Nero and allowed Nero to learn more about Avilio. We got to hear Nero's perspective on what happened the night of the murder. Also, Nero and Avilio were brought closer together from being together 24/7 and surviving a goliath of a

hitman. We also learned from Barbero that things in Lawless were heating up between the Orcos, Fango and the Vanettis. War was brewing and Lawless was a pressure cooker. Looking forward to seeing how this bonding experience will affect Nero and Avilio's future decisions. Also curious to see what's going on in Lawless and how things will develop in the following episode. This one was definitely a great balance of realness, comedy and action. I enjoyed it a lot. This episode is King Kritiques approved!

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