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Kritique V - 91 Days Ep5 (“Blood Will Have Blood”) Review

If someone asked me to describe this episode in one word, I'd say betrayal. People were getting betrayed left and right. Frate and Ronaldo set Nero up to be assassinated and Don Orco betrayed Fango in a similar fashion. Members of the Vanetti and Orco Family turned their back on their respective bosses to side with Nero and Fango. Lawless had become a pressure cooker and was on the verge of exploding. When the dust settles, more than a few people will be casualties of this war.

Nero and Avilio were still on the run, laying low in the countryside when Barbero informed Nero that the Orco Family wanted a truce with the Vanettis. Don Orco grew tired of Fango and unsuccessfully tried to take him out. Fango, and about twenty dissenters, fled to "The Island," a bar that's, you guessed it, on an island. Nero was excited to come back home but Barbero insisted that they meet before he came into town.

They decided to meet up at Nero's secret moonshine brewery called "The Lodge." Nero and Barbero had already started using Corteo's moonshine recipe to make their new booze called "Lawless Heaven." Corteo's booze was outselling their imports from Canada putting the family in a position to own the alcohol trade in Lawless. There were two things standing in their way of running the city; the Orco Family and Ronaldo Galassia.

The interference of these two forces was made painfully apparent when Nero and Avilio went to the mansion to meet with Don Vanetti. Nero was taking Avilio there to introduce him to the Don and officially induct him into the family. Nero officially trusts Avilio thanks to their time spent together on the run. Their newfound camaraderie was noticed by Corteo at the Lodge. He was clearly jealous of Nero and was pressing Avilio on when he was going to kill him. Avilio assured him that he was only being friendly with him to get close to Don Vanetti but it's clear that Nero is starting to grow on him.

When the two of them entered the mansion's gates, Nero was immediately spooked by the new guards at the gate. His driver Tigre was able to tip them off that they were walking into a trap. They narrowly escaped the assassination attempt thanks to this warning and one of the guards, Nero's inside man, Volpe, killing the gatekeeper. Unfortunately, Tigre took a bullet to his left shoulder on their way out of the mansion. So in less than 24 hours of being back in the city, Nero and Avilio were back on the run.

Frate tried to take out Nero because it was a condition of the truce with the Orco Family. Frate has a big chip on his shoulder when it comes to Nero and had no problem trying to kill him. Ronaldo also declared, in addition to Nero having to die, that Frate would be the new head of the Vanetti Family. If Vincent refused, the Galassias would back the Orcos in their bid for control of the city. So now it was official, Frate had become a puppet of the Galassia Family.

The entire city was shut down and Nero and his crew were trapped in a warehouse with Tigre bleeding out. The only way to save him, Avilio surmised, was to go to The Island and team up with Fango and his crew. Nero was adamantly against this idea but Avilio and Corteo snuck off to Fango anyway. While there they ran into the bar owner Granchio, Fango's girlfriend and Cerotto who was on the run from the police.

Avilio was able to guarantee safe haven for himself and Nero's group by promising to bring Don Orco to Fango alive. Avilio protected himself from a potential double cross by setting himself up as the executor of this plan and he protected Nero by claiming he was the mastermind of the plan. He masterfully manipulated both Fango and Nero into working with each other and set the stage for a coup. Now all the outcasts from the Orco and Vanetti Family were together united in their mission for revenge.

Betrayal was the theme of this episode. Assassination attempts were made on the two heirs to the throne of their respective families, Nero and Fango. This decision to take them out had forced these two rivals to come together and usher in a regime change. It's important to note that none of this would've happened without Avilio who has proven himself to be a master manipulator. If he is able to survive this and make good on his promise to deliver Don Orco, he'll be closer than ever to Don Vanetti and his inner circle. We'll find out if his luck will continue in the next episode. Shout out to the writers, cast and crew for another entertaining chapter in this story. This episode is King Kritiques approved!

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