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Kritique VI - 91 Days Ep6 (“To Slaughter a Pig”) Review

If you take a shot at someone, you best not miss. The Princes of the Vanetti and Orco Family, Nero and Fango, had both been betrayed by their families and were forced to team up to survive and get their revenge. Their first target was Don Orco, the pig. Taking him out would be the first step for Nero and Avilio to regain their freedom in Lawless. They were vastly outnumbered but Avilio had a perfect plan to circumvent their lack of manpower.

Nero and Avilio walked right into the lion's, or in this case, the pig's den to negotiate with Don Orco. Orco was ready to kill them both on the spot but changed his mind once he got a taste of Lawless Heaven, Corteo's booze. Nero offered to give him 100% of the business if he allowed him to live under his protection. Controlling this booze meant you'd have access to the most popular drink on the market, you'd avoid having to pay the cops and avoid the hassle of getting it across the border. Orco was intrigued and agreed to go to the Lodge with them both.

Avilio was aware of Orco's history with Vincent Vanetti and asked him if he sent him the letter that brought him to Lawless. Orco had no idea what he was talking about which proved he wasn't the mystery fourth man. After confirming that Orco had nothing to do with him personally, he moved to the next phase of the plan which was betraying Nero. He told Orco that his real name was Angelo Lagusa and his father was Testa Lagusa. He told Orco that all of the Vanettis were his enemy.

After Orco's goons confirmed that the Lodge was safe to enter, Orco entered to see his new brewery. He was impressed by the operation and excited to take over the business and the city. Nero, however set a trap for Orco and his crew. His soldier Volpe was hiding in a crate with a machine-gun. After an intense gunfight, Volpe was able to escape. In the heat of the commotion, Avilio pulled a gun on Nero and shot him twice in front of Orco.

Orco's men were suspicious of Avilio but Orco understood that Avilio had a personal grudge against the Vanetti's and just proved his loyalty. Avilio insisted that they toast to celebrate their new partnership. Orco and his lieutenant drank a full glass of Lawless Heaven and a minute later were knocked out on the floor. Avilio had pulled a double double-cross. Nero was alive and well and Orco was at their mercy.

Avilio upheld his promise to Fango and delivered Orco to him alive. Fango immediately killed Orco and literally fed him to his lieutenants by baking him into lasagna, Orco's favorite dish. Fango became the boss of the family, Nero and Avilio were closer than ever after pulling off this latest stunt and they were now under the protection of the newly formed Fango Family. Now that Orco had been taken care of however, Nero was going to have to confront his brother Frate and Ronaldo Galassia; the ones who betrayed and tried to kill him. Avilio understood this but it was obvious that Nero was reluctant to even discuss this inevitability. I'm a big fan of this chapter in the story and can't wait to see how this conflict will play out. This episode is King Kritiques approved!

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