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NBA’s Steph Curry raved about this Davidson College rap video

Charlotte Observer Article written by Joe Marusak about Trilla G's hit single "I Love Union"

A rap video produced by Davidson College students in the fall was nearing 11,000 views this week -- little wonder given its approval on Twitter by NBA star Steph Curry.

The video plays off the video Curry and his Davidson College basketball teammates helped make 10 years ago and takes a humorous jab or two at it. That video hit a million views after Curry became famous with the Golden State Warriors.

The old song and video, “I Love Commons,” highlighted the school’s main dining area.

The new video -- “TG3 - I Love Union (Steph Curry ‘I Love Commons’ Response) -- focuses on another popular on-campus dining spot.

The new video is first and foremost “a small token of gratitude” to the cafeteria and other workers “who’ve become like family to me,” Davidson College senior Lawrence King told The Charlotte Observer in a phone interview Saturday from Los Angeles, where he is spending time with his brother.

King is a 21-year-old senior majoring in film and media studies who is among the students behind the video. He’s the first guy pictured in the video, shown walking with fellow senior Emilee Lord in the Union.

The students also hoped the video would grab Curry’s attention, King said. They never expected it to happen in less than 24 hours after the video’s release Sept. 15, when Curry retweeted a tweet about it by The Davidsonian campus newspaper, King told the Observer.

“Ok ok ok!” Curry wrote in his retweet. “That’s what I’m talking about right there. Didn’t know if anyone could step up and take on “I love Commons” but there it is”

Curry’s retweet included three “face with tears of joy” emojis.

King, his business partners Victor-Alan Weeks and Bradford Grant and videographer Richy Tovar produced the video, with 15 total students on the team, he said. Another 20 to 30 students agreed to appear in video clips.

King, who is from Brooklyn, N.Y., co-founded Trilla G ENT, a record label/production company “that specializes in music production, videography, and graphic design,” he wrote in an email to the Observer. “Trilla G is also an artist collective aimed at encouraging creativity and promoting positivity worldwide.”

Producing the Union video took about a week, he told the Observer on Saturday, while Curry’s took three days.

“I’m a little biased,” he said when asked to compare the video with Curry’s. “I think it was better than Steph’s. The same, at least.”

The main point of the video, however, was to highlight the hard work of the Davidson College workers, he said. At 13,000 views? Mission accomplished.

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