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Trilla G ENT: The Voices Behind “I Love Union”

Davidsonian Article written by Lily Rothman, music correspondent, about Trilla G ENT's hit single "I Love Union."

Last Friday, I sat down with the founding members of Trilla G ENT—Lawrence King ’19, Victor-Alan Weeks ’19, and Bradford Grant ’19—whose recently released music video, “I Love Union,” has taken the Davidson campus by storm. The video, a response to Steph Curry’s famous “I Love Commons” video, has been a huge success, accumulating nearly 10,000 views on YouTube in the eight days since it was posted.

So far, the music production group has been overwhelmed with positive responses. They were not only given compliments from students, faculty, and staff, but also from the townspeople of Davidson and international Davidson College supporters. When asked about the feedback Trilla G received, King, aka MC Brooklyn, called the widespread support “surreal,” as it far surpassed all of the responses the group had received in the past. Weeks, also known as Pragmatic, commented that the “return on investment” he and his music partners received was equally “humbling” and fulfilling. Grant, aka Legacy, explained that the various networks available to Davidson students allowed the video to reach audiences far outside of the Davidson Bubble.

In addition to being and upbeat song that showcases the dining options at Davidson, “I Love Union” highlights hardworking staff members who often go unseen. Weeks says the inclusion of workers was completely intentional. “We wanted to have fun with [the video] but in a way that we could pay our respect to the staff that supports this institution,” he explained. King chimed in and said that featuring staff members was “the very least” Trilla G could do to give back those who form the backbone of the College. The video also includes a dedication that pays homage to all staff members who make life at Davidson safe and comfortable for students and faculty.

MC Brooklyn, Pragmatic, and Legacy all have their own albums listed on Trilla G’s Soundcloud; but they stressed that Trilla G ENT is much more than a music group. Members strive to make Trilla G a “platform for other artists”: an enterprise where individuals help each other achieve artistic success. King explained how Trilla G allows students to “take advantage of each other’s networks,” and emphasized the camaraderie of the organization; when referring to other members of the group, he remarked, “their success is our success.” The three creators of Trilla G also gave credit to their additional members, including visual artist Makayla Binter ‘20—who has made album artwork for Legacy and MC Brooklyn—and fellow musician Angelina Gurrola ‘20, who works under the stage name Moshun (pronounced motion).

Trilla G launched their enterprise on campus last Spring when they received the “Failure Fund” grant from Davidson’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The group used their winnings to promote themselves, producing and selling t-shirts which quickly sold out. Since then the group has been increasing their popularity on campus. This was partially aided by their victory in last spring’s Battle of the Bands and, of course, their “I Love Union” video.

In addition to being talented musicians, Weeks, Grant, and King are also extremely dedicated to their education and to the greater Davidson community. As a Film Studies major, King often helps his peers with video production; he also works at the Davidson College Bookstore. King has served as student mentor for Davidson’s July Experience as well. Grant, who is a Questbridge scholar, works at the library as a student information specialist, and serves as the Civic Engagement Chair on the PCC E-board. Weeks is a Bonner Scholar who is actively involved with Ada Jenkins and specifically enjoys mentoring middle-school aged children.

Trilla G encourages students who are interested in pursuing creative, entrepreneurial endeavors to contact them via their Instagram account @trillag_ent, so that they can help those aspiring to take their passions to the next level. They also stressed how important it is for students to take advantage of the resources Davidson offers to help students pursue their personal goals, and to simply to ask facility members for their assistance. “Davidson provides a lot of resources that the majority of the time go untapped,” says Grant.

Lilly Rothman ‘21 is an English major from Shrewsbury, PA. She can be reached for comment at

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