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Victor-Alan Weeks is a Global Multimedia Specialist from Atlanta, GA and one of three co-founders of Trilla G ENT. His career's work spans photography, music production, audio engineering, filmmaking, video game art design, poetry/rapping, and creating murals. 

While based out of Atlanta, Victor-Alan travels and works across national and international boundaries to collaborate with artists all over the world. His work serves as a platform for important cultural stories to traverse political, social, and other demographic barriers in order to further educate individuals on the wide array of the human experience.

Victor-Alan is also a partner of Calm and Concise Productions and help create the N.E.W. Crew, a Hip-Hop Collective in Atlanta, GA. Weeks works freelance and may be reached at lesstimeco@gmail.com

Trilla G ENT


TRILLA G ENT seeks to facilitate and nurture diverse creative expression that will be a positive global impact and inspire future generations of artists. Trilla G ENT is a Record Label and Production Company that specializes in audio and visual production, graphic design, performative arts, and consulting. Trilla G ENT was born on June 1, 2018.

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